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Rail Derusting Machine


Product introduction

Equipment is composed of dedusting room, rail top derusting, rail bottom derusting, rail end derusting, mobile car, rail clamping device, dust removal pipeline and hydraulic pump station, and etc. It is suitable for mechanical derusting on the rail end, rail bottom, and rail base conductive area of 43Kg/m~75Kg/m rail, and the finish is over 90% after derusting.


1、色情电影PLC automatic control system has automatic or manual function, and the total time of derusting is less than 3min.

2、色情电影Set different derusting modes according to the corrosion degree and grinding depth, and the machine will finish the derusting automatically.

3、色情电影With a process parameter monitoring and modification window, the operators can adjust process parameters according to different conditions.

4、色情电影The machine with safety device so as to reach the goat of the equipment’s safe operation and the security of operators.

5、色情电影The machine with high-power dust remover, filtered air can meets the indoor discharge standard.

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