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RWCM-250-A straightening machine


Production introduction

Suitable for rail straightening of pre-welding and post-welded in the welding base. The machine which can detect the bend deformation and straight it in accordance with the result automatically which can ensure the appearance and equality both meet the standard requirements.

Performance feature

1、色情电影Meet the cold measurement and straightening of long post-welded rail of 43Kg/m, 50Kg/m, 60Kg/m and 75Kg/m in the welding rail base.

2、色情电影Adopted the automatic non-contact laser straightness measurement system, which can be automatically tests steel rail in the horizontal and vertical direction, and straightening according to the test results.

3、色情电影The PLC control system to process and monitor the data of the whole machine.

4、色情电影Automatic data collection, transmission and storage.

5、色情电影The equipment has the function of safety interlock.

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