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Main equipment for rail welding plant production l

Product introduction

Long-rail base welding is to the use of Fixed welded rail production equipment (It includes automatic rail derusting machine, fixed flash rail butt welder, welding joint rough grinding machine, welded accurate grinding machine, welded joint straightening machine, roller conveyor line and control system, and etc) ,which welds the specific 25m, 100m rail into the certain length of long rails, and then transport to the site for construction.

Taking the welding of 25m fixed length rail into 500m long rail according to Chinese standard as an example. There are 10 processes for long-rail base welding, including rail inspection before welding, rail derusting, flash wielding, wielding rough grinding, rail normalizing, cooling system, welding straightening, welding accurate grinding, rail flaw detection and testing.

The efficient and economic scheme for "Rail Welding Production Line ", which can not only establish a temporary rail welding base quickly, but also solves the problem of unstable welding quality caused by the complex working conditions on site.

1、色情电影The design of all products adopts the concept of fast building temporary rail welded base.

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